Car Rental

The following information has been made available by Enterprise Car Rental. Of course you can feel free to make your own reservations with the company of your choice. 


Below is the rates for the June 23th-June 28th: Rates are subject to change due to availability, the sooner you book them the better you are. There is also a drop fee added of $35, could also be changed, and a 5% discount.

Compact Cars (Accent, Versa, Fiesta)- $50/day- $310.64

Intermediate Cars (Corolla, Sentra, Focus, Cruz)- $52/day- $321.47

Full size Cars- (Altima, Fusion, Camry, Malibu)- $56/day- $343.13

Intermediate SUV- (Rouge, Rav4, Escape)- $66/day- $397.28

***We do not carry luxury cars out of this location. If you would like to know other prices for other cars feel free to reach back out.

Contact info: 

Chris Nicotera

Assistant Manager


706 Erie Blvd. West

Rome, NY 13440

Tel: 315-337-6000 ext 5

Fax: 315-334-9154